May 7th. We got an egg, baby!!

May 7th.  We got an egg, baby!!

Good Morning! Because I’m sorta obsessed with this robin’s nest in my yard (I’m always sorta obsessed with something), I tend to be checking on it quite often. This morning’s update: There is an egg. Just one. So I started getting nervous… did she flee the nest because of the constant chaos out there? Did I interrupt her in the middle of birth? Perhaps she’s just having one?? Nothing wrong with a single child. Anyway, I came inside and did a little research. Did you know that robins only lay one egg a day, usually ending up with a total of four? Fascinating. So, this is what I’ve done this morning. Must wake up the kids now so we’re not late! And, by the way, my husband thinks I’m nuts because all they’re going to do is crap more on his truck now (the birds, not the kids). Have a great day!!

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Wife. Mom of many. Loves photography, new adventures, traveling, reading, living in the moment, and donuts. Strives to capture simple, everyday moments, that reveal God’s grace, joy, and beauty. “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ― Henry David Thoreau

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