RIP Little Pecker

With a heavy heart, I regret to inform you that we lost one of the pterodactyls, errr… robins, today.  I went to check on my feathery, lizard-like, adolescent friends this afternoon, only to find just three in the nest.  I thought, “Maybe they are sitting on the fourth sibling? Hmmm… he’s GOTTA be in there.  WTH??”  As I glanced down, my worst fears were realized… Little Pecker was clearly not in the nest.  In fact, L.P. is no longer with us at all.  I’ll spare you the horrid details.

So that sucks.  However, the other three youngsters seem to be physically thriving, although clearly in mourning.  My voice didn’t even cheer them up, like it usually does.  I tried my best robin call, my most complicated whistling techniques, and even sang to them, and nada.  They just closed their eyes and turned their heads away from me.  They have lost their terrestrial pep.  Hoping the sun comes out tomorrow, and they realize they only have about five days left to get outta this funk and get their crap together before mama kicks their birdie butts out da nest.  And, trust me, if they looked down and saw what I saw today, they better start practicing flapping those wings.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Here’s how they looked today:



As you can see, they are much larger today.  The nest is very full- I can’t even imagine how full it would be if L.P. was still in there (God rest his soul).  The feathers are also starting to come in!  At first, the feathers are like a little straws.  The outer layer of these “straws”, called the sheath, crumbles off and allows the feather to fully develop.  In less than a week, they should have all of their feathers.  I think they are on the upswing.  I wouldn’t exactly say they are cute again, but they’ve definitely taken a turn for the better.  Now they just need to somehow get their minds off of the loss of Little Pecker.

Survival of the fittest freakin’ sucks.

In other news, my son surprised me this morning with this amazing masterpiece.  I must admit, it’s my absolute favorite of all of the bird pictures that I have so far.






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